Daniel Fernau

Spends most days convincing machines to do useful stuff.
Always interested in learning something new.

About Me

Self-taught IT specialist and tech enthusiast from Berlin, Germany

Currently working as freelance systems integrator, software developer and IT solution designer

Also passionate about photography, music production, aviation, climbing, rockets, (electric) cars and motorcycles.

Work Experience

Since 2014

  • Full-stack Developer, Research and Development

Since 2014

  • Consultant for Apple software and hardware

Nokia Solutions and Networks

  • Internship - Mobile Network Security

Max Planck Gymnasium Berlin (High school)
Since 2016

  • Campus wireless internet access

  • Digital whiteboard solutions

  • Interactive learning technologies

Grundschule Wilhelmsruh, Berlin (Elementary school)
Since 2011

  • Assistance with maintenance of computer systems and networks

  • Design and maintenance of the website

... and others


What I do

  • Network planning, installation and troubleshooting

  • Building custom computers and servers

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino software development

  • IT consulting and customer support

  • Setup, administration and troubleshooting of macOS, Linux and Windows systems

  • Project planning and implementation

  • Software development, from idea and specification to finished code

I'm familiar with

  • JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Backbone.js, REST APIs, jQuery, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

  • Git, Docker, Vagrant, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, macOS, Linux, Windows

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi

  • various virtualization environments

  • enterprise networking and routing solutions

I'm learning

  • Java, Swift, AngularJS, Ruby, Sass, Twig, Dart, Flutter, React, C/C++ for Arduino and Terraform

  • ... as well as everything else I need to get the job done

Personal Projects

Music on Floppy Disk Drives

Tool to download footage from a local UniFi Protect system