Daniel Fernau

Spends most days convincing machines to do useful stuff.
Always interested in learning something new.

About Me

Self-taught IT specialist and tech enthusiast from Berlin, Germany

Currently working as a freelance systems integrator, software developer and technology consultant. Part-time STEM tutor and science communicator.

Also passionate about photography, music production, aviation, climbing, rockets, (electric) cars and motorcycles.

Work Experience

Since 2014

  • Full-stack Developer, Research and Development

Since 2014

  • Consultant for Apple software and hardware

Nokia Solutions and Networks

  • Internship - Mobile Network Security

Max Planck Gymnasium Berlin (High school)
Since 2016

  • Campus-wide wireless internet access

  • Digital whiteboard solutions

  • Interactive learning technologies

Grundschule Wilhelmsruh, Berlin (Elementary school)
Since 2011

  • Assistance with maintenance of computer systems and networks

  • Design and maintenance of the website

... and others


What I do

  • Network planning, installation and troubleshooting

  • Building custom computers and servers

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino software development

  • IT consulting and customer support

  • Setup, administration and troubleshooting of macOS, Linux and Windows systems

  • Project planning and implementation

  • Software development, from idea and specification to finished code

I'm familiar with

  • JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Backbone.js, REST APIs, jQuery, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

  • Git, Docker, Vagrant, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, macOS, Linux, Windows

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi

  • various virtualization environments

  • enterprise networking and routing solutions

I'm learning

  • Java, Swift, AngularJS, Ruby, Sass, Twig, Dart, Flutter, React, C/C++ for Arduino and Terraform

  • ... as well as everything else I need to get the job done

Personal Projects

Music on Floppy Disk Drives

Tool to download footage from a local UniFi Protect system